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June 2011
Abbotsbury Hill and Chesil Bank
A Dorset view from Abbotsbury Hill to Chesil Bank
J Childs, 1990

Durotriges - this site

Starting from an initial genealogy research project based around a West Dorset parish and agricultural family this has widened to cover the area of Dorset and some surrounding counties. Durotriges has been associated with such an area coming as it does from a period of history where no exact boundary exists. Fragments of information exists in a wide range of sources and it has always been a challenge to find, access and interpret it.

The aim is to provide a framework to hold this information in a structure that can take general and precise information. Linking such geographic, temporal and key data through web technology.

If available we will provide information on, or links to, data on other accessible sites.

The site is arranged under the following headings:

Political, civil, ecclesiastical, military, law and order and demography (census and BDM) information

The physical things around as

Natural - down to nature - Flora, Geology.

Built - man made features, Roads, Houses.

Social - human activity - Markets, Occupations.

Events related to time , a time line, diary and biographies.

Text, image, drawn, map information; archives, academic and society sources.

Area, point and linear geographic features.

Site legal, contact information.

Dorset county boundaries - c1831 - c1890
Dorset Boundaries
The boundaries of Dorset changed several times though out the 19th and 20th Century
An interactive Google Map is available on ...

"That name Durotriges, being ancient and meere British, may seeme by a very good and probable Etymologie to be derived of dovr or dwr , which in the British tongue signifieth Water, and of trig , that betokeneth an inhabitant, as if a man would say Dwellers by the water or Sea-side. Neither verily from any other fountaine than from water are we to fetch those names of places in old France or Gaule, which used in times past the very same language that our ancient Britaines did, which either begin with Dur and Dour or doe in the same; as for example Durocases, Durocottorum, Duranius, Dordonia, Durolorum, Doromellum, Durodurum, Breviodurum, Batavodurum, Ganodudum [sic], Octodurum, and a number of that sort, as well in Gaule as in Britaine."

William Camden, Britannia (1607)

Land of the Belgae in Britain 1717
A 1717 map showing the Durotriges tribal area following the Belgae invasion of Britain
George Musgrave, 1717
View towards From the Cobb towards Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis - What's in a name

Lim 774, (in a later copy of an Anglo-Saxon charter), Lime, Lym 1086 (Domesday Book), Lyme Regis 1285. This place, and Uplyme in Devon, take their name from the River Lim. This is an old river-name of Celtic origin meaning simply 'stream'. [Mills]

The New Inn has been renamed the Fox Inn


A parish of 5000 acres, in the union and hundred of Beaminster, Bridport division of Dorset, 3½ miles (N. E.) from Beaminster.

Thomas Hardy portrait

Thomas Hardy

(1840-1928) Born in Higher Bockhampton he trained as an architect. Later becoming a successful author and poet.

Sir George Somers

Sir George Somers

(1554-1610) Born in Lyme Regis. Its Member of Parliament and Mayor from 1603. He discovered the Bahamas in 1609 when storms blew the Virginia Company supply convoy to the Americas off course.



A market and administrative town at the head of the River Brit whose existence is known from the seventh century.


Bridport First Division Turnpike Trust

Formed under the 1764 Act it ran through Charminster, Chideock and Bridport with an extension to Bridport Harbour.


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Some primary sites that provide Dorset related information


Main site link to current county, district and parish councils


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Information, help and assistance in Dorset family history

Historic Links

A range of historic information sources


Historic mapping

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